Boss HVAC installs, repairs, and replaces thermostats for all heating and cooling systems. Thermostats will last an average of ten years, and can often be repaired instead of replaced. We install and repair all brands, makes, and models of thermostats.

What is a Thermostat?

The thermostat is the regulatory device that controls the operation of the heating or cooling system, telling it when to switch on and off. We repair or replace all models of thermostats in Boulder City, North Las Vegas, Henderson, and surrounding cities.

Popular types of thermostats for homeowners:

Wi-Fi Thermostats

Many thermostats now are Smart units. Homeowners are rushing to replace their existing thermostat with a Smart thermostat for premium options in comfort and control. This control offers savings without sacrificing comfort. Convenience is unsurpassed, since a homeowner has remote access to their thermostat right from their phone.The cost is more than justified, thanks to the ongoing utility cost savings Smart thermostat offers. The savings it offers means a Smart thermostat pays for itself in a few months.Often, a Smart unit is predictive, meaning it will monitor both the habits of the users and fluctuations in the outdoors and suggest options.

Energy STAR-Certified Thermostats

Those who don’t have room in the budget for a wi-fi thermostat but want the energy savings of anEnergy Star thermostat can purchase a programmable thermostat for their home. A programmable thermostat can be set to automatically change the temperature of the home at certain times of the day, which works well for families whose lives are well-structured.

New Thermostat Installs

The location of a thermostat is essential to the proper functioning of an HVAC system, making professional installation a wise option. The new unit, placed in an odd spot that doesn’t correctly identify a home’s temperature, will have the family racing back and forth to make adjustments all day.

What type of indoor air thermostat should I choose?

The type of thermostat will depend on the lifestyle of the family, their habits, the type of HVAC system, and the homeowner’s desires. On the bottom end of the price curve is a mechanic, manual thermostat that does little more than turn the unit off and on based on the temperature. There are thermostats that are digital programmable, digital non-programmable, Smart, predictive, and more.

Thermostat Repair

When a thermostat fails due to bad batteries, corrosion, dirt, or even an incorrect setting, a technician may determine that it is the thermostat that requires repair or replacement. Many times, a thermostat can be repaired. However, sometimes, a homeowner will ask us to scrap an old mechanical unit in favor of buying a Smart or programmable thermostat.

Signs you may need thermostat repair:

Typical repair issues include the furnace or heat pump running continuously, failing to run, a temperature display that isn't the same as the temperature in the room, or one that doesn't have a display at all. These may be signs that the thermostat, which should last about ten years, needs to be repaired or replaced.