We are ready to handle your heating installation, whether your needs are commercial or residential. We can provide installation of full central heating with a furnace, ductwork, or a heat pump. We also offer a full range of quality heating products to meet all of your heating needs. Homeowners and businesses alike require a cost-effective, energy-efficient unit which will provide ease of control and long term operation.

Don’t just call anybody, call the boss!

Questions to ask during a Heater Replacement estimate:

Can you use the existing ductwork?

Ductwork is very much dependent on the capacity of the unit. As a result, many times the old ductwork can be used with a newer unit. However,the old ductwork may not be efficient with a newer model if the capacity has changed, or if there is irreparable damage to the ductwork. If the ductwork design isn’t efficient, that should also be addressed.

What new technologies are available?

Technology has paved the way for energy efficiency. Not only are new units more efficient, but their performance can also be boosted with the use of a programmable or smart thermostat.

These improvements offer opportunities for energy savings as never before. We can help those homeowners who have AC units with the old R-22 refrigerant make a cost-effective decision on how to proceed in the event they have a problem with their unit.

What other costs are included?

The great thing is that when you call the Boss, you only pay for what you need. While it seems incongruous to tack on extra fees for additional items, this approach saves you money if you don’t need some services to be included in the price. You only pay for what you need, and no more.

Why you should avoid the DIY approach:

Furnace installation, service, and repair is a highly specialized area of expertise. The reason is because of the potential for fire, injury, and carbon monoxide poisoning. This is the reason homeowners are deeply discouraged from attempting to service or repair their own unit. There is also the potential for causing expensive damage to the unit during a DIY project.59