What exactly is a furnace and why is it important?

A furnace heats the air using gas or electrical power. The warm air is then often forced through ductwork to heat rooms away from the distribution point via a blower (air handler). A furnace is controlled by a thermostat, which, when the temperature drops, will signal the heating element to start.

Signs that your furnace needs repairs:

Not heating enough Not heating at all Unit is cycling between on and off modes frequently Blower is continuously running Unit is noisy

How to differentiate between gas and electric furnaces:

The difference between a gas and an electric furnace is that, while an electric furnace will last longer than a gas unit, a gas unit can put out an enormous amount of heat. An electric furnace will not have a heat exchanger, and on the most basic level, won’t have a pilot light, either. While a gas furnace still requires electricity to run the blower fan and a few other components, the primary source of energy used to create heat is the gas.

Advantages of gas and electric furnaces:

Although the capital outlay for a gas furnace is higher than an electric unit, natural gas is cheaper than electricity in the long term. An electric furnace is cheaper to purchase, but will cost more in electricity to operate. Most people who have access to natural gas choose natural gas appliances, including a furnace, over electric ones. However, in mild climates, electric furnaces are also very popular because they’re used for such a short period of time in winter.

How do you know when to replace your furnace?

If you are in the process of deciding whether your furnace needs a replacement, don't worry, we have you covered. We take care of helping you determine what the best heating equipment will be for your specific home. Our installation service will take care of selecting a furnace for you based on the size of your house, your budget, and energy efficiency factors. We will have technicians who will work with you from the first step of your heating repair to the finished installation of your furnace. We are prepared to handle your heating installation, whether your needs are gas or electric, commercial, or residential. We can install full central heating with ductwork, a gas or electric furnace, or a heat pump installation. We offer a full range of quality heating products designed to meet all of your heating needs. Our goal is to provide a cost-effective, energy-efficient unit that will provide ease of control and long term operation. Then, we take this to the next level with outstanding value and fast, professional maintenance. If a furnace fails, it's essential to have it repaired immediately, especially if it's a gas or oil furnace, which can produce carbon monoxide.

Benefits of an energy efficient furnace replacement:

Furnaces are a fraction of the size they were in the past, and much more efficient. In fact, it’s likely that your new furnace won’t even have the same size rating as the old model, since these ratings have changed over the years. Homeowners are now acutely aware of the amount and cost of the energy they consume, meaning they are demanding better insulation, better sealing of windows and doors, and higher R-value insulation. There is a much higher interest in Energy Star efficiency, even though the initial cost is higher, because it pays off in the long haul.